Artie Lange Interview is Featured in June 2010 Penthouse Magazine (Artie Update)

artie-updateI apologize in advance for the misleading title. No, this is not a recent interview. The interview was conducted with Artie Lange, Howard Stern’s infamous sidekick, “months” before his suicide attempt in December 2009. There is, however, a prologue to the interview describing Artie’s state of mind at the time and how he described himself as clean.

The interview is not totally devoid of new information though. In an article-closing “update” we do get a rare statement from a Lange family member, Artie’s sister. It is not clear if this is an actual quote or not but the statement reads that “[Artie] is still in bed and not speaking more than five words a day.”

That sounds pretty brutal.

Howard hasn’t been talking much about Artie on his daily show on Sirius Satellite Radio. The only facts he has stated is that Artie is guaranteed his old job back once he gets healthy. Howard’s definition of “healthy” has not been defined though. Whether it means totally clean for X amount of days, or just back to old Artie.

The Penthouse interview is the only thing remotely close to having anything new regarding Artie. You can find it on newsstands now… so you can read that and the other articles in the June edition.

You can also read the full article on… here.