Pictures of Gary Coleman’s Monogrammed Casket Unveiled

gary-coleman-deathbed-photoBy now we have all heard the morbid news that Gary Coleman’s death photo was being shopped around. The photos were taken by his ex-wife, Shannon Price, who was in the room at the time of his death. Sadly there has been a high bidder for the the final shots of the TV actor. The blogersphere is reporting that the final sales price for Colman’s dignity was $10,000 US.

The photos are being run in Globe Magazine. These shots eerily remind us of tabloid final shots of other deceased legends. Elvis and Tupac come to mind. You will not see those shots here. We on the TMR Entertainment editorial staff would never considerer disgracing the memory of an American legend like Gary Colman. Our readers expect more from us, you turn to us for journalistic integrity and the finest in Men’s entertainment.

Still news is news and we must find some angle to cover this story. We thought it would be classier and more respectful for use to show you Gary’s eternal vessel. We are then first news outlet to unveil Gary Coleman’s personalized casket.

TMR Entertainment remembers the American icon “Bacon Stains Malone” or as most of you remember him Gary Coleman. Please read the rest of our coverage of this tragedy.

Gary Colemans casket