Gary Coleman is Dead at 42: A Posthumous Academy Award Must Be In The Works

53179132CA034_Video_Games_LHollywood is saddened by the passing out one of its greats. Gary Coleman has left us today. Though Gary was small in stature the roles he played were bigger than life itself. No one could have brought life into the characters Coleman played on the big screen as Gary did.

Many feel The Academy snubbed Colman in 2008. His portrayal of “Bacon Stains Malone” in the soon to be classic 2008 release “An American Carol” was brilliant. Just as amazing was Coleman’s performance as “The Pizza Guy” in the 2007 “A Christmas Too Many”. One film critic called Gary’s Colman Pizza Guy was the most memorable character in a Christmas movie since Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey in  “It’s A Beautiful Life”.

Coleman’s most memorable role was probably as “Murray Lipschitz, Jr.”  in the 1996 cult classic “Fox Hunt”. Still many will remember Gary for his portrayal of Arnold Jackson on TV. Let us not forget how important this man was to the silver screen.

The 4 major networks are most likely planning their memorials to the star this weekend. I can only imagine the tribute that will run at this year’s Academy Awards. I think a posthumous Academy Award is in the future for this fine American actor.

With this in mind we at TMR will be paying homage to Gary Coleman all weekend. As we remember the man who brought “Bacon Stains Malone” and “Murray Lipschitz, Jr.” to life for all to enjoy.