Gary Coleman Gets Arrested… Again

Gary Coleman MugshotThe freakshow arrest trifecta is now in play, someone give me Pee Wee Herman for a cool grand. Is it just me or does Gary Colman look like a little brown Gollum? It is like he is saying “someone took my precious!, what you talking ‘bout Willis?” Maybe Peter Jackson is casting Lord of the Rings 4 – The Journey of Crenshaw. Actually Gary looks like this because is accused of losing his temper again. Here is the kicker…

The cops in Santaquin, UT were called to Coleman’s house for a domestic disturbance. They found no crime was committed, but he was picked up because of a warrant stemming from a prior incident.

You know if the cops in Utah find a brother they have to pin some kind of case on him. That is unless he is a member of the Utah Jazz and that story won’t work for Coleman.

Colman is being held on $1,725 cash bail. Where is George Clooney, Sting and Bono when you need them? Can we get a telethon going to free my little brown brother?

Until Hollywood pulls it together, there is no way to get Gary out of lock up. He can’t be safe in there. There are not too many chubby brown midgets in the Utah lock up… I get the feeling Different Strokes is taking on a whole new meaning.