Howard Stern: Danielle Marziano has been named Miss Howard TV for February 2010 (preview pic)

daniellem1If Artie Lange was well and in the studio, he most likely would have called this girl “the hottest chick we’ve ever had up here.” Howard TV, Howard Stern’s On Demand channel, has named Danielle Marziano Miss Howard TV for February 2010.

Danielle was in the studio today to be announced February’s girl, and as usual, Howard grilled her on everything he could, mostly her sexual preferences. He also made note that she was heavily tattooed. Danielle followed up an appearance by the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, where Ozzy recommended that girls don’t get tattoos anymore since everyone has them and not getting them is the more radical thing to do… if a chick is looked to be different.

Danielle’s biggest revelation was her fear of sleeping alone and would always need a “buddy” to share her bed. At first she stated it was her sister that was her bed mate, but after Howard pressed her on the subject, admitted she wasn’t really her blood sister. The Stern team saw a pic of the “sister” and oohs and aahs ensued.

Below is a preview pic of Danielle. As always, we’ll post her full gallery for you as soon as it is available. To see all of the 2009 girls, check out our post on the 2010 Miss Howard TV calendar, which has links to every gallery from the past year.



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