Howard Stern Hosts Jerry Seinfeld and Larry King On Same Day

It was a historic day today for the Howard Stern Show as two guests that Howard had fierce feuds with in the past were both in the studio on the same day. It was Jerry Seinfeld and Larry King in the SiriusXM studios being interviewed within hours of each other by none other than Howard Stern.

Jerry Seinfeld was a frequent guest of Howard Stern early on in his career. Shortly after his sitcom started to take off and he was dating a very young Shoshana Lonstein, Howard played some bits and songs about the couple that Jerry was not too fond of. Jerry stopped doing the show and even talking to Howard and the feud began.

Jerry was in studio talking about how he is constantly working and writing jokes and if he’d ever do another sitcom again. You can see a clip of the interview below:

Jerry Seinfeld on Howard Stern Show:

Next up it was Larry King, who regularly had some words about Howard and the Stern Show. He even once called him “worthless” when someone suggested that Howard could replace him. Maybe it was all the Stern fans that would call in to Larry’s show and torment him. Howard always had a response for Larry’s comments about him, most of the time insulting his looks.

Larry was in to promote his latest endeavors and talked about his time at CNN and being fired. Check out the clip below:

Larry King on the Howard Stern Show:

Howard must be getting soft in his old age as there “reunions” keep happening more and more with people that he has knock-down drag-out fights with. Is Don Imus next? I doubt we’ll ever see it with Jay Leno though.

In the past few weeks, Howard has been scheduling two “headliner” guests in the same day.

You can see both interviews in their uncensored entirety on Howard TV, Howard Stern’s On Demand Channel. Check out Howard.TV to see when the Jerry Seinfeld and Larry King interviews will air and for how long.