Miss Howard Stern TV September 2010: Ashley Johnson Bikini Gallery

We posted her pictures just minutes after she was announced Miss Howard TV for September 2010, and now you can see Ashley Johnson’s official Howard Stern Show bikini photo shoot as taken by the show staff.

Ashley made an immediate impression on Howard as she entered the studio… she took her top off as she was walking in. I think it may have been a new record for quickest topless guest. You’d think the interview would go downhill from there, but nothing could be further from the truth. We quickly learned that Ashley was a very horny bitch.

Ashley told Howard she masturbates AT LEAST three times a day. She also had a real problem with her previous employer, Playboy Online. They had the nerve to forbid her from doing penetration on their website. We also learned that her favorite sight to see is “pussy switching”. She explained that this is when a guy removes his penis from a girl and immediately inserts it into another. Howard offered a hand with that, but only if he as single, saying: “If I was single, I’d help you out. I’d get a bunch of your friends and F all of you.”

Ashley’s vital stats are: Age: 20; Height: 5’7″; Weight: 110; Measurements: 32D-22-34
Now for the good stuff. Click any image below to open a full-sized version in a new window.

All photos are courtesy of HowardStern.com and HowardTV.com.

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