Miss Howard Stern TV October 2010: Leslie Marie Santa Bikini Gallery

Last week, Leslie Marie Santa was named Miss Howard TV, the spokes model for Howard Stern’s On Demand cable network, for the month of October 2010. It didn’t take long before her “Stern” spotlight was dimmed though, as Little Lupe Fuentes came in a few days later and stole the show. But, as we promised, to swing some attention back to Leslie Marie, here is her official photo shoot gallery as taken by the Howard TV crew.

Similar to Lupe, Leslie has a very small frame, standing at 5’4″ and only weighing 98 lbs. Howard described her as looking like a little kid with giant jugs. During her interview we learned that Leslie is a very good wife… cooking topless for her man and giving him sex whenever he wants it, whether she is in the mood or not.

The most fascinating thing Leslie talked about was that she has an extreme fear of midgets. When she sees one, she passes out. Literally, she faints at the sight of a little person. At that point Howard picked up the line and Eric the Midget was on the phone. Leslie talked with him for a few minutes then grew suspicious that he was in the studio somewhere.

To finally see how perfect Leslie is, check out the photos below. Click on any thumbnail to view the full-sized version:

All photos are courtesy of HowardStern.com and HowardTV.com.

Each month, a new spokesmodel is selected to represent Howard Stern’s On-Demand cable channel, Howard TV. Visit HowardTV.com to see when Ashley’s episode will air and for how long.