Howard Stern: Natalie Nice is Miss Howard TV for December 2010 (Pics)

This morning, Howard Stern introduced what could be the final Miss Howard TV of the month in the SiriusXM era… Natalie Nice, Miss December 2010. Robin Quivers brought the fact that this could be the last girl right before the last commercial break before the introduction.

Natalie Nice is yet another Miss Howard TV who is in the adult entertainment industry. It appears that she is “friends” with last month’s Miss Howard TV, Devon Alexis. They seem very “close” in the pictures on both of the girls’ official websites. I’ve also seen her in pictures with former Miss HTV Destiny Dixon. They are being nice and drying each other off in a pic below.

Howard was shocked at Natalie’s height as she entered the studio and asked if she had any trouble getting boyfriends. Natalie responded that she was a married woman. Natalie only does solo and girl-girl shows on her website. She mentioned that she would like to leave the business and go into law or banking.

Natalie then rode the Sybian after Vivian Von Queef had just been on it less than an hour prior. Natalie sounded like she had a much better time on it.

Here is what we found on Natalie in our initial search. We will post her official bikini gallery in the upcoming week for your viewing pleasure. Click any image below for the full-sized version:

You can see “more” of Natalie at her official site Once you enter her site, you can see her “dining out” with November’s Miss Howard TV.

What a show today! First the IQ Test reveal, then the Farting and Queefing Holiday Special and then the introduction of Miss Howard TV. Howard is really going out with a bang.

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