Prince Writes Anthem For The Minnesota Vikings

prince_farve2 Prince has written “Purple and Gold” in support of the Minnesota Vikings, who hope to destroy the New Orleans Saints this weekend and advance to the Superbowl. Prince is said to have written “Purple And Gold” after watching The Vikings humiliate the Dallas Cowboys last week.

My thoughts are if Price was able to bang this song out in a week one of three things is going on. The song is really short, really bad or Prince is incredibly talented. Personally I will go with the 3rd option.

I am wondering if Prince’s anthem will inspire stars from other cities to write fight songs for their hometown heroes. Could mosh monsters Anthrax bang out a fight song for the New York Jets? Maybe stoner rockers Down could rip something up for the Saints. Unfortunately for The Colts they will be stuck with John Cougar.

I give Prince credit it probably took him an afternoon to write the song and he has definitely secured luxury box tickets for the NFC Championship Game. Yet another smooth move by the Purple One.