Jonah Falcon Introduces The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee To The World’s Largest Penis

Samantha Bee Daily ShowJonah Falcon did the Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday. Samantha Bee did the interview with Jonah. Seeing Jonah’s penis is bigger than John Stewart I can imaging Jon decide not to do the segment.

Jonah brought to light a few facts about his penis that I am not sure we need to know. Jonah’s penis is the length of his forearm and thick as his wrist. The disturbing fact is he can engulf a doorknob with his foreskin. How the hell do you discover you can do this?

Samantha Bee did a hilarious job with segment as you can see with the video below. I am wondering if at any point Samantha thought about letting Jonah rock her snozberry with the world’s largest penis?

A woman doesnt have too many chances in life to encounter something of this magnatude. There are simple machines that can mimic a penis like this. But only Jonah has the real deal. Let’s tune into the Daily Show today to see is Samantha is walking.

The other guest on yesterdy’s show was Twilight Eclipse star Robert Pattinson. So it seems the Daily Show featured two huge dicks yesterday.

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