Did The Rozlyn Papa Sex Tape Finally Hit The Web? (Photos)

Rozlyn Papa 4 TMZ is reporting Rozlyn Papa a “Bachelor” castaway now has her 16th minute of fame. During this season of The Bachelor Rozlyn was kicked off the show for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a show producer.

That scandal seems minor compared to today’s news. A sex tape starring the blonde bombshell has now made it’s way onto the Internet, that’s if it is her. We here at TMRzoo are always skeptical, typically these tapes are bogus ploys to drive traffic to porn sites.

If the tape is Roslyn Papa, Jake Pavelka really screwed up. The woman in the tape is very talented. She handles her gifted lover in every way possible. The clip ends with her ultimately swallowing more than her pride.

Rozlyn’s camp has previously denied any sex tapes and told sources she has “no knowledge of any tape.” Here is a link to the tape that is allegedly her. It is really tough to make the call. I would imagine if it wasn’t her Rozlyn’s people would have had it yanked from the web by now. Take a look for yourself you can use these shots of Rozlyn for comparison .

 Picture link to larger images.

Rozlyn Papa