Ten Songs They Should But Wont Play at the The New England Patriots and The New York Jets Game

With the AFC Divisional title games upon us we appear to be heading into some nasty waters. It seems the hatred between The New England Patriots and The New York Jets is hitting critical mass. The Boston press has been making “foot” references all week in preparation of New York Jets’ Rex Ryan’s arrival this week.

For those of you football fans that are coming out of a coma – Rex Ryan and his Wife Michelle were caught up in a foot fetish scandal earlier this month. You can see all of our pictures and coverage of the situation here. The main stream reporters and sports gurus have been stupidly using the phases “Rex’ Defeat Comes This Sunday”, “I Smell Defeat for the Jets” and the overly-stupid “Victory is Afoot”.

Bringing this to an even more immature level, the Boston commuter paper The Metro has Rex Ryan’s face surrounded by feet on the cover this morning. The ensuing article gives a list of foot fetish activities Rex and Michelle Ryan can enjoy while in Boston.

This is like watching two children fight in the backseat of a car. The two teams have been trading childish jabs all season. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie earlier this week called Tom Brady an asshole. Am I correct in saying that they both work for the same company?…The NFL. I can’t call coworkers assholes, I would get fired.

Tom Brady’s best buddy Wes Welker fired back with (Tom Brady …) “does a great job of making sure everyone is … putting their best foot forward going out there and playing well and doing what they can out there.” Followed by “It’s a playoff atmosphere and you can’t just stick your toe in the water…”. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

So seeing this has hit a new low, I urge The New England Patriots to turn it up to 11. When the New York Jets hit the field in Foxboro Stadium this Sunday I would love to hear any of these songs. I can imagine Roger Goodell at home stroking out as one of these are played on national television and the camera closed in on Rex Ryan:

Ten Songs They Should, But Wont, Play at the The New England Patriots vs. The New York Jets Game.

10.) Cold Feet – Tracy Chapman
9.) Who Wears These Shoes – Elton John
8.) These Boots Were Made For Walking – Nancy Sinatra
7.) The Ground Beneath Her Feet – U2
6.) The Low Spark High Heeled Boys – Traffic
5.) Goody Two-Shoes –Adam Ant
4.) Toes – Zac Brown Band
3.) Boogie Shoes- KC and the Sunshine Band
2.) Walk This Way – Aerosmith/Run DMC
1.) Footloose – Kenny Loggins

I know there is no way I am going to hear one of these on national television. I am pretty sure we will be hearing Footloose on some of the local sports shows. If the local Boston press reads this, please feel free to use any of my suggestions for your highlights. Or if you underestimate Rex and The boys you might have to use these for your lowlights. If Rex and the New York Jets get past the New England Patriots and ultimately win the Superbowl…will Rex Ryan get a toe ring?

Just putting it out there.