Gronkowski being Gronkowski Wrestling in New Orleans (Video)

TMZ has posted video of New England Tight End Rob Gronkowski partying it up and wrestling in New Orleans.

Gronk was filmed sans-shirt at a post Superbowl Bash ripping it up. The Boston sports writers have being ripping Gronkowski for being immature and not protecting his broken forearm.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald has written a scathing article painting Rob Gronkowski as immature and irresponsible. Guregian said in her column, “Gronkowski probably wasn’t thinking about team owner Robert Kraft, who agreed to hand over $54 million with a six-year contract extension.”

Let put this in perspective. Rob Gronkowski is a 23-year-old multimillionaire that works 6 – 7 months per year. The rest of the time, do we expect Rob to be in church and doing charity work? No, Rob should be having the time of his life. Rob Gronkowski was not skydiving or wrestling alligators, he was having fun in a bar with his friends. It seems like any time Rob Gronkowski shows signs of being human the Boston sports media and fans are ready to rip into him.

It was after last year’s Superbowl when a once again shirtless and dancing, Gronk was slammed for parting after the loss to the New York Giants. The Boston sports media and fans though Gronk should have been despondent and crushed after the loss, not out celebrating.  Before that Rob Gronkowski was once again called out for taking his shirt off during the off season. The star tight end was photographed with porn star Bibi Jones wearing his game shirt next to a shirtless Gronk. You can check out those pictures here.

Maybe the New England fans would be happier if Gronk just kept his shirt on. We all know it is Gronk antics not New Englands horrible defense that is keeping the Patriots from another championship.

Gronkowski Wrestling in New Orleans Video