Chicago Bears Jay Cutler: We’re Going To Handle The Packers’ Blitzing

On the toughest thing about playing the Packers defense
“They show you a lot of looks. They’re really good. Dom Capers does a great job of preparing each and every week and keeping offenses off balance, which they’ve done to us in the past.”

On if he thinks he has seen everything the Packers will do
“No, they’re going to have something new for us this week, I’m sure.”

On being willing to take a hit while running
“I’ve had that same attitude all year. If we got the first down, I’ll try to slide. If I have to get it or get hit or something like that, I’m going to do it. Whatever it takes at this point.”

On if Mike Martz has talked to him about sliding

On if he has taken any time this week to appreciate the moment
“No, I really haven’t. There hasn’t really been time. I’ve been so concentrated on Green Bay and preparing for them, that’s really the only thing on my mind right now.”

On if he is anxious for the game to be here
“We’re ready to play. I think we’ve had a great week of practice. Offensively, the guys are ready to go. I know everyone’s excited. We just have to stay calm. I’m sure there is going to be a lot of jitters early on, but we have to settle down rather quickly in that game and execute our game plan.”

On handling the Packers’ blitzing
“We’re going to handle it. Our offensive line has a good feel about what they’re going to do. They might not necessarily bring the house every time. I’m not for sure. They might play a little more zone to throw us off. I’m sure there is going to be some new wrinkles so we’re just going to have to feel it out as the game goes by.”

On how much the Bears offensive line has improved since the Giants game
“It’s made the whole offense go. Without their improvement we wouldn’t be here at this point. Both passing and running they’ve done a great job week by week of getting better.”

On how important it was to throw a touchdown on his first pass last week
“Anytime you can start a game off like that it makes things a lot easier. I doubt we’ll get that opportunity this week, but you never know.”

On in-game adjustments
“Everyone has a feel for what they’re doing and what we’re trying to accomplish out there. I think the guys have a good feel when we come off the sideline. Everyone kind of collaborates about what they saw, what they think they saw, what really happened and we kind of weed it out from there and figure things out. Mike [Martz] stands in that opposite end most of the time and he can really tell. Between everyone we can figure it out and make the proper corrections and go from there.”

On the home crowd
“When we’re on offense hopefully they’re quiet and when the defense is out there as loud as possible. That’s the ideal situation.”

On if it is more important to play well against Green Bay
“No. I haven’t thought about it. I’m not going to think about it. If we were playing whoever in this game, I’d want to play well. It doesn’t matter if it’s Green Bay. I know the importance of this game. I just want to play well because we’re in the NFC Championship.”