Music Review: Fox Pass- Intemporel

In a live setting or the recording studio Fox Pass is emphatically comfortable in their own skin. Not that self-confidence is lacking from the myriad of musicians that have carved a piece of rock and roll pie; however for some that refuse to be pigeon-holed contentment is a more burdensome task.

The multifariousness styles that emanate from the concert venue and studio could have made Fox Pass a target for the critics. Story could have been written the group is a concoction of sounds thrown into a blender with savorless results.

Those words will never be penned because of the invaluable talent the four rockers from New England possess. With seamless kinetics Fox Pass can change from the Byrds, Keith Richards solo, Rockpile (Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe), Joe, Jackson, into Tom Petty.

Intemporel’s seventeen tracks not only pay homage to the sonorousness of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but allow Fox Pass to showcase an aptitude when creating a three to four minute rock composition. From the instant the CD player raises the curtain on “Hurry Cherrie” to the eventual ending of “A Long Goodbye” you will be firmly engrossed in a recording that alienates none while an assemblage of rockers old and young tap along to the harmonious offerings.

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All the best,
Craig Fenton
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