Volkswagen’s Darth Vader Super Bowl XLV Commercial is Already Viral [VIDEO]

When I was a kid, you had to actually wait until the Superbowl to see the “Super Bowl” commercials. In the age of the internet, you only have to wait until the Super Bowl to see the commercials ON TELEVISION. The latest viral video being kicked around the interwebs is the “Super Bowl” commercial for VW’s 2012 Passat… which features a young boy in his Darth Vader costume attempting to use The Force on various household items.

If you have a Facebook account, and more than 10 friends, you most likely have already seen this video shared by a few of them, or maybe all of them. If you don’t have a Facebook account… or have less than 10 friends, don’t despair, you can watch the clip in it’s entirety below:



As a member of the “Star Wars” generation, and now father of a Star Wars fan, I love the commercial. However, I would have loved it even more had I been surprised by it while watching the Super Bowl. Instead, it broadcast by hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts with “you have to see this” or “best.commercial.ever” attached to it, which is a bit of a bar-setting spoiler.

The question now is this… will we start seeing ALL of the “Super Bowl” commercials BEFORE the Super Bowl is even played? It could be a possibility with companies not wanting to dish out the uber-dollars for Super Bowl airtime, especially in this economy. My heart goes out to the NFL and whatever network airs the big game in the future for millions and millions of dollars of lost revenues. What a shame.