Source Audio’s Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion Solves Most Guitarists Biggest Issues

Being a pedal junkie I have relied on a variety of stompboxes over the years to get “my’ tone. Thou my sound and style have changed over the years there are a couple of boxes that have been under my feet for decades.

My MXR Distortion+ has been on my board since the early eighties. Many pedals have sat next to it, my Chandler Tube Driver, DOD 250 Overdrive, a BBE Freq Boost, a BOSS Mega Distortion and most recently a Systech Harmonic Energizer clone.

It has been a headache switching and swapping out those pedals on my board depending on the application, until now.

Source Audio’s Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion is the answer for most of my tonal demands and frees up valuable pedalboard real estate.

The Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion packs 4 tube amp and 8 fuzz box overdrive tones, plus a Clean Boost/EQ mode into one highly tweakable and programmable pedal.
The onboard 7-band graphic equalizer and dual drive controls provide virtually endless tone manipulation possibilities. Save your customized tones in 6 programmable user preset stations, available for speedy recall via three footswitches. An expression pedal input
allows for seamless morphing from one user preset to another.The Pro Classic also includes a MIDI input allowing external access to presets and parameters, and is Hot Hand® ready for even more expressive capabilities.
Unlike other products, which attempt to digitally clone, model or emulate vintage gear, the organic tones of the Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion are the result of a five-year listening study and iterative algorithm design process involving over 40 classic pedals and extensive artist evaluation.

At first, I thought this was yet another amp modeler. Most DSP modelers have a thin and sterile sound to my ear. My other concern was if the Classic Distortion could capture my modern and nu-metal distortion tones, usually delivered via my BOSS Mega Distortion.

Five minutes with Source Audio’s Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion and all of my concerns were put to rest. The Fuzz settings are natural, warm and gritty. I can dial in Jack White, Blue Cheer or Hendrix with ease. Names like Big Pi and Fuzz Facade are clear indications of my tonal starting point. There is also a midrange control on the box for quick live tweaks and the ability to adjust the distortion pre and post midrange boost/cut.

The built-in EQ is a dream come true allowing me to add a little bottom to my Tony Iommi Laney Amp tones or add midrange scoops to create Scholz SR&D Rockman like tones.

The Metal setting on this pedal is no joke. It is a paint peeling aural assault. I can easily punch up a bit of Dimebag or Kerry King with ease. The built-in noise gate allows me to push the distortion to the limit with absolutely no line noise. This box delivers warm, powerful Marshall/Mesa Boogie like heat.

This guitar pedal is a must-buy for any tweaker. Studio musicians and cover band guitarists will find this to be indispensable. Those of you guitar players that tend to stick to one distortion tone will also get a lot of use out of the box. The EQ and Midrange controls will help any guitarist cut through the mix.

Please visit Source Audio’s website for more information on this phenomenal pedal –