Brossard Guitar Picks Upgrade Your Playing, Technique And Your Tone

There are various tools you can use to change your guitar tone. None are more over looked than your guitar picks. I think since I started playing guitar I have used every type and style of pick imaginable. My early days I used a standard medium cellulose picks. I soon fell in love with the extra heavy cellulose picks my bass player used. Heavy picks seem to give me more control and float better over the strings

I later graduated to picks made of petrified wood, the harmonics were great. The downside was this pick was like holding on to a watermelon seed. As I made my way through every pick option available I realized one thing.

No single pick will suit all of your needs. I look at my guitar picks the way a painter looks at brushes. I have even been known to switch picks midway through a song. Light picks are my choice for a bouncy rhythm – the thicker and stiffer the better on my leads.

Thanks to I now have the ultimate thick stiff option in my arsenal. have created some the most beautiful and great sounding guitar picks you have ever seen. Each pick is a work of art and a sonic enhancer.

Santana, Vernon Reid, Nancy and Ann Wilson, Craig Bartock, The Black Crows, Metallica, Rachelle Ramm, Richard Lundmark, Tattooed Millionaires, Crow Song, Dinah Lee, Jungle Pilots, Rui Veloso, Matt Bellamy, Roo, TST, Rocky George, Lethargy, Guss Scherer, Erik Buell, now Elvis Costello are among thousands proud Brossard Picks lovers and users!

I recently got to try out some of functional art. The Four Players pack includes one each of Cocobollo Rosewood, Ebony Full Moon, The Bone and all new “Dirty Blond” Horn. I used these picks on an array of guitars and in quite a few different amp configurations. I got great results every time.

One of the coolest effects I got with the picks was using the “Dirty Blond” Horn with my Ibanez shred machine going through a Triskelion Harmonic Energizer and into my Marshall. As I tremolo picked I could produce cricket like chirps if I angled the pick just right. The action of the pick is amazing, the tone is bright and clear. I found the Ebony Full Moon to be the darkest sounding of all of the picks. It had a great feel and sound playing country slide blues on my acoustic.

Brossard Picks have a small hole drilled into each pick. This hole allows the pick to anchor in your fingers better. This eliminated the watermelon seed problem I had with the petrified wood picks. This also facilitates much more accurate and faster picking.

Brossard Picks start at $3.95 making this the most inexpensive upgrade you can make to your playing, technique and your tone.