Allegations Are Lebron James’ Girlfriend Savannah Brinson is Cheating (PICS)

The interwebs are abuzz with the rumor that Washington Wizards power forward Rashard Lewis dunked on Lebron James girlfriend.

While Rashard Lewis claims he never took a free throw at Savannah Brinson, we wonder what then is on LeBron’s mind. The second coming of Michael Jordon seems to be off his game. The fans have noticed, the announcers have noticed and the Dallas Mavericks have taken advantage of it.

To say LeBron James play has been off in the last two games of the 2011 NBA Finals understatement. The dream team is now one game away from elimination and is seems everyone in the country outside of Miami is ecstatic.

The James Family has fallen out of favor of late. LeBron’s hyped up pre-season announcement of where he was to play in 2011 was douchy. He held the Cavs fans in limbo and ultimately pissed off the fans of everywhere else he didnt go. Momma James go in the mix later buy smacking down a hotel valet while singing the new money anthem “Do you know who I am”? Yes we know who you are. You are the woman that banged your son’s teammate.

So us Non-Miami Heat fans want to thank Savannah Brinson. Savanah if you did bang Rashard Lewis good for you. Could you distract LeBron next year also? Especially during The Miami Heat/Boston Celtics series. Start off with some bikini pictures then graduate to the “hacked” cellphone nude photos. Once the naked pictures are out there I would suggest topping it off with a full blown XXX sextape. Just be careful we don’t want to see you get smacked by LeBron’s momma.

For the record Rashard Lewis is saying he didn’t score a layup on Savannah Brinson. But as we always say at TMR where there is smoke there is fire.