Miami Heat Vs Boston Celtics: Free NBA Game 7 Expert Picks and Predictions

Tonight is the ever important game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals. Just when the Miami Heat looked dead in the water, Lebron goes off for 45 points and 15 rebounds while the Celtics shoot 1-11 from 3 point range and get blown out at home.

Now the game heads back to Miami where the Heat look to reach the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year. This game is going to be great …. if you are a fan. If you want to bet on it, there are going to be some difficulties. The Heat are a bi-polar team. They are tough to bet on regardless, but the fact that half the planet hates Lebron James and the other half loves him with a passion only further complicates things. Who is going to win ? Probably the Miami Heat. The problem is, it realy could go either way and Vegas has set the line at -450 which means you have to risk $450 to win $100 if you want to bet on the Heat to win.

There are alot of people (ESPN included) who have back tracked and said that the Heat will definitly win, dispite stating that Boston would definitly win just two nights ago. I think the fact that “Father time has finally caught up with Boston” is completly stupid. Are we to believe that things were going great for Boston, they were up 3-2 and then those next two days finally put their age over the hump and now they are washed up old men ? I think not. Basketball is woven into their muscle memory, they will be fine.

Lebron James is not going to shoot as well as he did in game 6, Boston is not going to shoot as poorly as they did in game 6. I think Garnett and Rondo will get it going for Boston while Peirce and Allen will nail a few more shots as well. Lebron will get his 30 and Dwayne Wade will put up about 20 and this game will come down to the final few minutes. It kills me to say it but I think Miami will advance when they shoot almost 10 free throws in the 4th Q of game 7, but they will win by less then 8.

Boston +8 -110

By Riot Boyer