Jim Beam Bold Choices: Let’s All Blaze a Trail in 2012

Those of you that follow this site know that we have been working with Jim Beam for the past few months. I want to personally thank Jim Beam for including us in their Bold Choices promotion. I have found myself making more Bold Choices lately and these choices are bringing me to some wonderful places.

The original Bold Choice Jim Beam helped me make was in regards to my guitar playing. I have been a Boston bread hard rocking guitar player all my life. Since visiting Nashville last year I have been in awe of my southern guitar playing counterparts. I have been truly inspired but their playing.

Making the transition from hard rock and heavy metal to country and southern rock guitar is not an easy feat. It would have been easier to stick to my ways and continue to crank out rock tunes.  Jim Beam gave me the motivation to make the leap and further round out my playing style.

Jim Beam gave me the means to hire one of the best teachers I have ever had the honor to study with. Making it even easier to make this Bold Choice Jim Beam put the perfect country/southern rock guitar in my hands…a 2011 Gibson Les Paul traditional Plus in an Iced Tea finish. The guitar looks a bit like a glass of bourbon.

So with a few lessons under my belt I am getting ready to head out to some of the local country jam sessions this weekend. I still have a lot to learn about playing country guitar but the best way to learn is to play with others. I just hope they take it easy on me. If this goes well I am going to head out to the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival this February down in Boston to continue my country guitar education.

I didn’t walk into this Bold Choices promotion thinking it would change me. I felt like I have always made bold choices in my life, now I feel I have stepped it up a notch.  Maybe I was spending a bit too much time in my comfort zone?

So join me as I look toward 2012, it’s challenges and rewards. Taking the road less traveled, blazing a trail as we go. Bolder than before.

Thank you Jim Beam…

…and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.