Jim Beam Creates a Twitter Buzz with the Hashtag #DevilsCut

I don’t have the whole story just yet but there is something going on at Jim Beam. Jim Beam has been promoting their new Devil’s Cut bourbon heavily since it’s release. This is a very cool new product.

Devil’s Cut uses a new process that extracts the very last of the bourbon out of the wood of the oak barrels. This creates an oaky, vanilla flavor that I found wonderful both neat and with cola. The Devil’s Cut and cola had a Vanilla Coke kind of vibe going on. So there is no need to say I am a fan.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut has a new program that’s launching via their official Twitter handle, @JimBeamOfficial, later this week (kicks off Saturday, Oct.22). I can’t give you much detail right now, but you could get a once-in-lifetime, VIP experience if you tweet about your weekend plans using the hashtag #devilscut.

Sorry I can’t share more info, but I wanted to share this quick this info. Once we find out exactly what is going on we will definitely share the news with you. But for now Tweet away with the hashtag #devilscut.

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