Howard Stern Presents the Hottest Chick, Oldest Fart Contest (PICS + VIDEO)

It looks like Howard Stern did it again. He made up a contest or pageant featuring his listeners (or porn stars) that concentrates on some kind of oddity, physical deformity or character flaw. This morning Howard introduced the “Hottest Chick, Oldest Fart Contest”. To qualify, a couple needed a pretty significant age difference between a young girl and her guy.

I expected maybe a 20 year spread at most, but the contestants featured age spreads that ranged in the 40’s. Hearing the age difference was on thing, but seeing the pictures of the couples standing next to each other is another. Was this a grandfather/granddaughter pageant?

The contestants were Edmund and Erica (pic on left), Jim and Araceli (middle pic) and Gary and Danielle (pic on right). Gary and Daniele was the biggest age spread, but the common opinion was that Jim and Araceli, who is 19, looked the most awkward together.

Click any thumbnail below to see the contestants in a full-sized photo. Photos are courtesy of

Below is a clip of the action today as presented by Howard TV, Stern’s On Demand cable network. Check out to find out when the episode will air:

The winner of the contest was Gary and Danielle and they received $10,000 from Sheets Brand Energy Strips.

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