TMR Zoo Works Out the 2013 Lexus GS at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Bruce and I have received quite a few perks from running this site over the years, but nothing has even come close to what we were treated to during this past Super Bowl weekend. Imagine being able to test-drive one of the top names in luxury vehicles, on a closed track, with a professional race car driver… in Las Vegas.

The happening was the 2013 Lexus GS Event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and it was the ultimate treat. We spent the day beating the hell out different models of the ’13 GS… and they kept taking whatever we dished out and then asked for more. Well, it was the professional drivers assisting us that were urging us to push the vehicles. Its not every day you hear someone tell you to hit the corners harder in a Lexus.

I’ve never owned or driven a Lexus before. In fact, I may not have ever even been in one prior to Saturday. I cannot believe what I have been missing out on. Being able to work the cars as hard as we did, in combination with testing out the luxury items (such as the Lexus Enform System) proved to me that Lexus vehicles are the perfect combination of class and fun. Lexus has a new fan.

Before the day was out we were treated to test runs of both the GS and LFA with pro Scott Pruett… who pushed the vehicles much harder than us amateurs and enjoyed the day just as much as we did.

We have so much more to report on and many more details to tell you that this is just a very brief introductory post compared to what we intend to post in the upcoming days and weeks. We actually have some video clips of our drives as well… so stay tuned.