Miss Howard Stern TV for July 2012 – Amber (PICS)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Howard announced the Miss Howard TV spokes model for July 2012. She was introduced only as Amber… no last or made up name. Howard identified as her as a girl with a bikini and glasses on. Like so many other Miss Howard TVs, Amber is a web cam girl and you can see much “more” of her on the web.

It has been hit or miss whether or not Howard brings the newly crowned Miss Howard TV in. This is probably due to their limited broadcast schedule combined with a judgement call on how good the girl would be on the air.


During the interview, Amber informed us that she does her webcam broadcast from home… where she lives with her parents. Her parents are fully aware of her “career” and even show up on cam with her sometimes. Her mom has been known to show her breasts alongside her daughter.

Below are the only pics with have of Amber so far. These are right from HowardStern.com. When the full bikini gallery is posted, we will post it for you. Click any of the thumbnails below to see the full-sized image:

Howard TV is Howard Stern’s On-Demand cable network. For more on Amber and other Miss Howard TV girls, check out HowardTV.com. You can also find out when Amber’s interview will air on Howard TV. Amber’s website is imjustamber.com