Last Night on Hell’s Kitchen: Episode 10-5 Recap – Hey, It’s Mexican Night!

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsey directed the chefs focus on something completely new for Hell’s Kitchen: no, not proper cooking techniques. Sadly, they still haven’t figured that out. I’m referring to… Mexican Cuisine.

First, he broke open a piñata, but instead of candy falling out, hundreds of balls fell out. The chefs had to find balls with specific ingredients written on them, then they had 35 minutes to create a Mexican dish using those ingredients.

Kimmie had a problem right off the bat, not knowing how to make a burrito “fine dining”.

In the Blue Kitchen, self-appointed leader Patrick chose to get rid of Brian’s taco, since he and Royce made the same dish.

In the first round, Royce went up against Kimmie in Shrimp Tacos. Kimmie took that round, even though she used flour tortillas over Royce’s corn tortilla. Royce’s taco was just too greasy.

Finally, in the Tostada round, Roshni in her first challenge on for the Blue Team, went up against Dana on her old team, and after the two guest chefs each chose one dish, Ramsey broke the tie by choosing the Red Team.

For winning the challenge, the Red Team was rewarded with an authentic Mexican lunch at Rivera. As a punishment, the Blue Team was served tripe, which Clemenza enjoyed and nauseated everyone else.

While the Red Team was drinking and dancing the day away, the Blue Team stayed in the kitchen and prepped for the Mexican inspired dinner, cutting peppers and onions and other assorted vegetables.

The fireworks really got going when the Red Team returned. And not between the two teams, but within the Red Team itself. As Tiffany sat in the hot tub with Royce, he complained to her that he couldn’t believe Kimmie won that point with a flour tortilla and that he should have won that point.

Sadly, Tiffany was drunk, and when she got back to the dorm, she told Kimmie that it was Danielle and Dana who said that about her Taco. Kimmie went beserk and showed the world what white trash she really is. Over the next several minutes we were treated to watching Kimmie and Dana scream and curse at each other as the Red Team completely imploded. The amazing thing was, this was all over absolutely nothing since neither Dana nor Danielle ever said a single word about Kimmie or her precious flour taco. She was just too damn stupid to shut up long enough to listen for a moment for them to tell her that. Ahh, reality TV at its finest.

Once they got dinner service started, things didn’t get any better. There was no communication at all in the Red Kitchen. The Blue Kitchen was just the opposite. They were showing great communication and teamwork on the appetizers.

Once they hit the entrees, the Blue Team started slacking off with the steaks. Guy sent one up to the pass that was overcooked and one that was undercooked.

In the Red Kitchen, Danielle could not send up cooked pork. She actually sent up raw pork three (yes, that’s 3) times. Ramsey finally kicked her out.

In the Blue Kitchen, Clemenza told Justin not to send up the pork, it wasn’t ready, not once, but five times. And he did anyway. Both of them got booted too.

Over the next three minutes, Ramsey found reasons to kick out every single chef for one reason or another. The most interesting was when he tosses Barbie out for having the gall to use a meat thermometer to see if a chicken breast was ready yet. How dare she!! He reacted as if she used Jell-O Instant pudding in the desert.

Really, I don’t even know why I bother watching this show anymore. I could just submit last week’s recap and throw another name at the end. It’s the same damn thing week after week.

Every week, both teams lose. Every week, both teams have to pick two people for elimination. This week is no exception. The only thing different is that this week, Kimmie is calling everyone and their mother “bitch” like she’s in the ‘hood, but she’s white. I’m thinking she should go home just for that.

The Blue Team chose Patrick for breakdown in communication, and their second nomination was Guy for his mistakes on the meat station. Both were very logical nominations.

The Red Team’s nomination was Barbie, because she used a thermometer (the travesty of it all) and Danielle for her inability to cook pork. Barbie told Ramsey she didn’t deserve to be there and he agreed with her, and he sent her back in line. Danielle was a good selection. They should have also chosen Kimmie, because she is so cancerous to the team.

We won’t know until the beginning of tonight’s episode who Chef Gordon is replacing Barbie with, or who he is sending home because Fox pulled a “to be continued on us”, those sly Fox (es).