Many Patriots Fans See Bob Kraft as a Hypocrite after Leak of Audition Tape (Video)

Bob Kraft without a doubt is a model owner in the NFL. He has brought a once mediocre franchise to greatness. This has been done on the shoulders of his videotaping coach and deadbeat Dad Quarterback, but he has got it done. One accomplishment we have to give Kraft credit for is the ability to keep his players in check. Typically we do not see major off field issues for New England Patriots players.

There was the Nov 1, 2011 arrest of wide receiver Julian Edelman for indecent assault and battery on a woman in a nightclub which was dropped. The other big off field issue was the Rob Gronkowski, BiBi Jones “scandal”.

For those of you that don’t remember tight end Rob Gronkowski took heat from Bob Kraft and the Patriots organization for taking a picture with tighter end, porn star Bibi Jones. Jones was wearing the Partiot’s star’s shirt in the picture and was fully covered.

After the incident Rob Gronkowski said Bob Kraft had a talk with him and told the young NFL star to protect his legacy and not to do anything he might be ashamed of years later. Well it seems like the Patriots owner didn’t take his own advice.

Kraft is now in hot water for practicing a movie scene with what has been described as his new girlfriend. The profanity laced scene from an upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson film. The actreess Ricki Lander is wearing a lot less than Bibi Jones I might add. Ricki Lander has had some bit parts but now the bikini clad honey is all over the front page of the internet. Overnight everyone knows her name.

So if you are wondering who leaked the audition tape I have one guess. I think Bobby Boy may have been played by a hot younger blonde. I could be wrong, just saying. Let’s all be happy at least it inst a sex tape.

Robert Kraft Acting with his Hot Girlfriend- “F@ck you, P#ssy!”