3 Couples Get Married at Today’s Sam Adams Brewlywed Ale Launch

Sam Adams had a great launch of their new Brewlywed Ale at the Boston Beer Company headquarters today. Check out this photo that was taken at today’s Brewlywed event at the brewery. They had hundreds of drinkers waiting in line to get their bottles of Brewlywed Ale and 3 couples got married by a justice of the peace, with Jim Koch as a witness.

Weddings are an important moments in the lives of many as it is a celebration of marriage. Engagement and wedding photos can be printed on to books or albums that keeps the images from fading. Refer to this link for photo book printings: https://printedmemories.com/pages/engagement-photo-album

Brewlywed Ale offers layers of flavor including fruit and honeysuckle notes from the Belgian yeast, sweetness from malt and citrus character from hops. Just 500 cases have been brewed for the “big day,” so individuals or couples that were recently engaged or married (or anyone looking for a unique, beyond-the-registry gift) lined up for their chance to purchase a bottle or case.

People grabbed their veils and cummerbunds and showed up in droves, because the first 20 hopefuls to show up today in wedding wear were moved to the front of the line. What people will do for the love of beer!