Gadget Review: Brinkmann ArmorMax 2C and 3C Tactical Flashlights

For some people a flashlight is a seldom-used object that sits in their junk drawer or car trunk for emergencies. For others a flashlight is their most valuable tool, a must have for their daily job. Years past when working in the construction trades my flashlights were a necessity. When climbing through small crawl spaces I needed something that would illuminate my work, not just dimly light my way. The biggest quandary I had was finding a light that was durable, powerful, and light. Most lights that would deliver the lumens necessary for the job would weigh down my tool belt. Brinkmann has solved this dilemma with the release of their new Brinkmann ArmorMax 2C and 3C Tactical Flashlights.

Brinkmann ArmorMax 3C Tactical Flashlights come in a 2C – 8 inch model and an even more powerful 3C – 10 inch unit. Each of the lights operates in three modes giving the user a high, low, and strobe setting. On high, the 2C delivers 155 lumens the 3C counterpart gives you a blinding 375 lumens with a beam distance of 347m. Imagine being able to light up detail almost four football fields away! When switched to low power we are looking at 20 hours of run time for the 3C and 7 hours for the 2C. More than enough running time for first responders in any emergency.

The body of the Brinkmann ArmorMax Tactical Flashlights is made from machined aircraft grade anodized aluminum finished in a sharp looking matte black. The ArmorMax Tactical Flashlights is well balanced and is smartly designed to give the user maximum grip and comfort. The C batteries make the ArmorMax Tactical Flashlights slimmer and easier to hold than my old 3 D cell flashlight, while delivering more power.

Brinkmann ArmorMax Tactical Flashlights are a must have for first responders, campers, tradesmen or even the homeowner that wants upgrade their plastic junk drawer flashlight with something that will actually work in case of an emergency.