Review: Alfred Music Publishing’s Led Zeppelin Guitar Method

Led Zeppelin Guitar Method is an intuitive way to teach or learn guitar. The Led Zeppelin Guitar Method merges the best of the classic beginning guitar primers with fun, familiar songs and riffs by guitar legend Jimmy Page.

The book starts with basics on holding, tuning, and identifying the parts of the guitar. Led Zeppelin Guitar Method also gives the reader the basics of note theory and tuning before beginning the first string exercises. Yes, this book starts out with the fundamentals it is also a great text for the experienced guitarist.

Reading and playing quarter notes is a great exercise for any musician, especially with a metronome. If you are as experienced as you think, you should be able to blow through the first few pages. If not maybe, just maybe you needed the extra sight reading practice. The single string exercises take you through some of the music Jimmy Page may have first cut his teeth on. When we get to the three string chords, Led Zeppelin’s “Lemon Song” is introduced. By the time, we get to the 4th string the player is banging out “Song Remains the Same” classics “Whole Lotta Love” and “Moby Dick”.

Before you know it, the book is taking you through speed drills and molten riffs like “Communication Breakdown”. The music theory in the book develops in an intelligent way. Chord theory and scales are established on a much more advanced level. When the guitarist gets to the last section of the book they becomes a master of all six strings and is shredding sixteenth notes.

Led Zeppelin Guitar Method has interesting liner notes throughout the book on Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin and guitar method. The text is also accompanied with a companion CD that allows you to hear the riffs and songs as you play them. Led Zeppelin Guitar Method from Alfred Publishing is a great text for guitar players in all levels