Beer Prices at NBA Arenas Edge Up for 2012 – 2013 Season

SaveOnBrew.Com has released their 2012 – 2013 beer price findings for all 30 NBA arenas and summarized them in an infographic.

While this year features the full 82 games and the league seems to have recovered nicely from their 2011-2012 strike-shortened season, fans are generally getting a better value for their beer-dollar this year with a few notable exceptions.

Overall, prices edged upward from the 2010-11 season by about 3 percent. Of course, when prices start at $5.00 every penny tacked-on hurts.

Five dollar beer can still be had while watching a San Antonio Spurs or OKC Thunder home game. The best deal is found at Pepsi center, home of the Denver Nuggets, where a 24 ounce cup of suds can be had for $6.25.

The most expensive brew in the league is found watching either a Lakers or Clippers home game where $7.50 buys a 10 ounce or 12 ounce serving (respectively). That’s a whopping 75 cents per ounce to watch Kobe and the Lakers put on a show. To put that in perspective, a six pack would set a thirsty basketball fan back almost 54 dollars.

For a complete infographicon the full breakdown of all 30 NBA teams visit SaveOnBrew.Com.

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