Gear Review: The ToneRite 3G for Mandolin – Instant Vintage

In a moment akin to the apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s Head, I realized the science behind ToneRite’s play-in device. I was aerating a glass of wine when it dawned on me the ToneRite seasons an instrument very similar to the way an aerator opens up a glass of wine.

When we pour the wine through an aerator, the device adds air to the beverage. The air opens up the aromas making a good glass of wine taste like a great vintage or a great vintage taste out of this world. By placing the ToneRite on your instrument, the molecules in the wood are continuously being agitated. This process opens up the instrument making a good instrument sound like a great vintage instrument or a great vintage instrument sound out of this world.

I have used the ToneRite on both electric and acoustic guitars in the past with phenomenal results. I am more than sold on this great device. It was now time to give the ToneRite a whirl on my new Ibanez Mandolin.

My mandolin is a fine sounding instrument however; it is a mid range to entry-level instrument. If I got close to the same results with the ToneRite on the mandolin, I experience with my guitars the tone on the instrument could be pushed to the next level.

Once again, the ToneRite did not disappoint. After a week on the ToneRite the mandolin sounded noticeably different. It was now played-in or seasoned. The lower strings had more fullness in the midrange spectrum, the projection was also noticeably fuller. The high-end of the mandolin was now very chime or bell like. The notes seem to ring out clearer with more resonance and sustain. My new mandolin now has a beautiful vintage tone. This instrument is truly a joy to play.

I would suggest you take a look at my review for the ToneRite for guitar. I would also suggest that anyone with a desire to push the tone of their instrument to the next level pickup one of these revolutionary devices. It is time to take your instrument from good to great.