No, There is NO Malicious Content at TMR Zoo

We apologize for the inconvenience some of you suffered on Tuesday when TMR Zoo was falsely identified as having malicious code on the site. We all were caught in the cross fire of a wizzing match between Google and our ad server iSocket. We have removed iSocket for the time being until the two settle their little lover’s spat and make up.

Again, we assure you that TMR Zoo is free of any malicious code and you are more than safe browsing our hallowed halls. There will be no more pop-up warnings, we assure you.

This issue affected quite a few sites across the web, including some giants in the industry. You can find out more (if you care) via the various Twitter rants from webmasters across the globe pulling their hair out by the roots. has reported on the issue and you can read their findings here.

Thanks for your continued support of TMR Zoo.