Lena Dunham, from HBO series Girls, Calls the Howard Stern Show

A day after Howard Stern apologized on the air (yes, he did) to Lena Dunham for making comments about her NOT being a “talentless little fat chick”, the star and writer of the HBO series Girls called in to the Howard Stern Radio Show this morning to clear the air.

The pair admitted their mutual admiration for each other and it actually sounded like Stern was more affected by his comments than Lena was by coverage of his quotes in the mainstream entertainment media.

On Tuesday’s Show Stern had the following to say about the media doing a “hatchet job” and posting his quotes out of context:

“I felt bad, because I really do love the show Girls and enjoy it, and I admire the girl who writes it”

“I said to Gary, ‘Would you please contact Lena Dunham and tell her that I would like to explain myself on the air and apologize to her, because I do love the show, and it makes me feel bad that she is getting the impression that I somehow think she’s just a talentless little fat chick.'”

During the phone conversation, Stern proved that he was a fan of the show and Lena and impressed her with the amount of knowledge he had about Girls and the cast.

The best bit of information came towards the end of the conversation when Lena asked Howard to say hi to her fellow cast mate who plays Jessa on the show, Jemima Kirke… Howard and Robin found it absolutely hilarious that Jemima was an aunt in real life.