The ‘Dickorate’ Sexting App Launches on Google Play

Yesterday, Digital Halo released the ‘DICKORATE’ App to the Android Market and Google Play. Say the word “Dickorate” and then guess what this app is designed to do. No really, take a guess.

Correctamundo! Instead of sending boring, run-of-the-mill pictures of your “junk” to suspecting and unsuspecting recipients, you can take your sexting to the next level with the free Dickorate App. Cowboy hats, mustaches, sunglasses and other fun digital accessories can be added to the pic of your manhood to liven up the party that is no longer in your pants.

Where was this app when Brett Favre was still playing?

If you are feeling a little “underwhelmed” and not “up” to the task of publishing Mr. Johnson, don’t worry, you can try the enlargement function capabilities. You didn’t think they would leave those out would you? Check out some of the screenshots below:

dickorate-screen-cap-1 dickorate screen cap 2 dickorate screen cap 3

Dickorate Features:

– Works with photos taken with your Android device phone or from your photo gallery
– Save Results to your photo gallery
– Share via email or text
– Fully Anonymous use
– Additional Features and Accessory Sets available for .99 each

Anonymity is assured; you are truly a Private Dick. A great way to break the ice or turn up
the heat… Sexting will never be the same with the Dickorate App.