Iceberg Vodka Rocks Your Summer with New IceFusion Flavors and Cold Activated Bottles

It is not often that I get inspired to do a cocktail column focusing on one particular brand. The new flavored offerings from Iceberg Vodka make this task more than easier to do. Iceberg has released three new and distinct offering into the market this year, Chocolate Mint, Crème brûlée and Cucumber…yes I said cucumber.

The flavors of these spirits are very natural and clean. The reason for this is all of Iceberg’s products are distilled from water collected from 12,000-year-old icebergs harvested off the coast of Newfoundland. The flagship Iceberg is fantastic in a chilled shot; its cold-activated label lets you know the perfect time to pour. While the three new IceFusion vodkas are also great in chilled shots, they also lend themselves to some great cocktails.

I made an over-the-top great Bloody Mary with the Cucumber during brunch today.  The IceFusion  Cucumber played off of the tomato juice wonderfully and added a fresh crisp dynamic to the cocktail. The Crème brûlée is so nice chilled and poured over ice. The perfect post dinner sipper by itself or added to your post meal coffee.

IceFusion Chocolate Mint is a showstopper! We made the most delicious Chocolate Mint vodka martinis that tasted like a York Peppermint pattie in a glass. All of the Iceberg and IceFusion products are delicious and fuel your imagination as a mixologist. The perfect getaway when you get into the summer beer doldrums.