Review: LSTN In-ear Headphones Combine Performance and Exquisite Design

When the LSTN sent their headphones to our offices, I was more than excited to give them a spin. However, to my surprise when I opened the package it did not hold headphones but a pair of ear buds. Being an audiophile and a musician, I have had countless sets of cans on my head in home and studio situations. Ear buds on the other hand have always been something I have avoided.

I must have tiny ear canals because after 15 minutes with most ear buds my ears become irritated and sore. Reluctantly I gave the LSTN Bowerys ear buds a try for the sake of this review.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the LSTN Bowerys was there are multiple interchangeable earpieces.  I put the narrowest on the buds and was pleasantly surprised on how gently they slide into my ears. The bud covers are made out of super soft rubber, more than a joy to wear, even in my narrow ear canals.

I leaned back in my office chair, tilted back my head, and cued up some Miles Davis. The bass was so crisp and clear. It sounded as if Paul Chambers was behind me plucking out the first notes of So What. When Miles kicked in with his signature riff, I could hear brass. I do not mean I could hear brass as in a brass horn; it was like hearing a palette of colors.  Jimmy Cobb’s drums were perfectly balanced from the thump of his bass drum to the chime of his zildjian cymbals. The interesting thing is, I ended up listening to the whole album before I realized, I was wearing ear buds. I enjoyed over-ear headphone quality sound and had no ear fatigue.

I had to give the LSTN’s Bowerys a test with the other side of the musical spectrum so I dialed up some Pantera Cowboys from Hell. These tiny speakers were serving up “Dimebag” Darryl Abbott’s 16-12 inch speakers perfectly. The guitar’s mids were crisp and tight, the vocals sounded as if Philip Anselmo was barking in my ear, sonic heaven.

Not only do the Bowerys sound great but also they are esthetically beautiful. LSTN’s products are made from reclaimed woods giving them a rich and unique look. Check out their products on their website I know you will not only be impressed with the performance and exquisiteness of these products but also the price. The Bowerys are only $50 on LSTN’s website, which is a third of the price of high-end ear buds that do not sound as good and definitely do not look and feel as good. It is a week later and these ear buds are just as comfortable as the day I slid them in.