My Top 8 They Should be in Smash Brothers Characters

We’ve seen so many of these lists, but why should all the other bloggers get the glory? I’ll admit to only being a casual Smash Brothers fan, but as new characters get introduced, much like many others, I can’t help but think about the fighters I would love to see included on the roster. I’ve cast a very wide net and only excluded those characters owned by either Sony or Microsoft. To the best of my knowledge, all of the characters I’ve chosen have shown up on a Nintendo console at some point.

8. Bub/Bob (Bubble Bobble)
I don’t mean together or anything, just one at a time. Bub and Bob seem like a strange choice at first, but along with traditional physical attacks, they could also encase competitors in bubbles, then burst the bubbles to send them flying. Special attacks could also revolve around the special types of bubbles from the games, such as lightning or the fire drops that create a line of flames on the floor. Size would seem to be an issue, but I see them as the same size as Kirby, so that could work.
Final Smash: Calling upon Baron Von Blubba to take out the other fighters

Ys (Napishtim)7. Adol Christin (Ys Series)
I’ve discussed Adol before, but then I’m quite a fan of him. While his move set from the earlier games wouldn’t translate well, his moves from later games such as Ark of Napishtim would be perfect. He could do traditional sword moves, but also spice those up with elemental effects (as seen in Ark of Napishtim). Adol also has had a double jump and, if I remember correctly, an uppercut sword attack that would work well as a recovery move. With his sword work and speed, I could see him as a hybrid of Metaknight and Ike, a nice combo indeed. Adol’s inclusion would also be a nice shout out to what is generally considered a niche series.
Final Smash: Goes old school, running right into the enemies to knock them back

Vectorman6. Vectorman (Vectorman)
Just an aside, but why in the world has Vectorman been dormant for so long? Vectorman could translate to Smash Brothers easily, with his hand employed ball gun being perfect for distance attacks while normal kicks and punches could work for anything up close. Apart from those, he could employ various transformations from his two games (only two games is a shame) as special moves against the other fighters, such as jumping above a foe, then landing on them with the drill transformation. As a bonus, his inclusion could get us a third game in the series, perhaps a side-scrolling adventure via online distribution.
Final Smash: Level destroying bomb transformation

Shulk (Xenoblade)5. Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
My love of Xenoblade Chronicles is well documented, but like the other characters I’ve noted, I just see Shulk as being a great addition to the Smash Brothers roster. Along with using sword moves courtesy of the Monado, Shulk could also employ an array of Arts, ranging from the buster, which creates a long, far-reaching blade, to cyclone which does just what it sounds like, to healing himself (lowering his percentage in Smash Brothers). Like I’ve pointed out for some other entries, Shulk’s inclusion would also shine some light on Monolith Soft and their work for Nintendo.
Final Smash: Time freezes temporarily while Shulk activates his arts to thwart future attacks from the other competitors

Amaterasu (Okami)4. Amaterasu (Okami)
Many people have thrown out Wolf Link (and Midna) to be included in Smash Brothers, but why not avoid drawing from Hyrule yet again and instead bring in the Wolf Goddess Amaterasu from the wonderful Okami. Ammy is no pushover and could be a powerhouse with her varying physical attacks that could be even more varied by including her weapons and subweapons (the Reflector, Glaive, and Rosaries, for example). Ammy’s quickness would also be a great asset, as would her agility. While Wolf Link would be fine, I can’t help but believe that Ammy would be the better choice.
Final Smash: Celestial brush

TMNT3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
I couldn’t pick just one (well, I could, but not everyone loves Donatello like I do), so I’ve included all four of them here. The Turtles are made for fighting and all already come with weapons. It also helps that they’ve already starred in the disappointing Smash Brothers clone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-up. Their moves from that game could slide over to a Smash Brothers game with only minor adjustments, while weapons like throwing stars could be employed as special moves. This really needs to happen.
Final Smash: Fully weaponized Turtle Blimp

Ryu Hayabusa2. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
I didn’t mean to get on a Ninja theme here, but Ryu would be a great addition to this roster. As the more recent Ninja Gaiden games have shown, Ryu is no one trick pony in the fighting department. He could string together moves to keep the other characters off balance and on defense while he cuts into them with his sword techniques. In addition to that, Ryu could call upon his Ninja Arts to further attack his foes. The Shuriken, Flame Wheel, Fire Dragon Balls, and the Jump’n Slash are just a few of the Arts that could be included in the game for Ryu to employ.
Final Smash: A screen full of boomeranging windmill throwing stars

Simon Belmont1. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
While the 8-bit Simon Belmont may be a stretch for this series, bringing that character into the present with attacks such as those showcased in Castlevania Judgment (a game that I will always defend) would make him perfect for the Smash Brothers roster. Simon would also be a very unique character by employing a chain whip as his primary method of attack, but that also opens up an array of new moves that have never been seen in Smash Brothers before. Complement the whip with his subweapons from Castlevania, such as the Holy Water and Cross, and the move set almost creates itself. Also, like Ruy and Bub & Bob, Simon’s inclusion would be a further celebration of Nintendo and their past, which, in my opinion, is what the heart of Smash Brothers is all about.
Final Smash: Richter Belmont’s Grand Cross

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