Guitar Gear Review: BBE Sound, Inc. Sonic Maximizer

The BBE Sound, Inc. Sonic Maximizer has been a must-have in my rig for decades. I remember reading about guys with the ADA MP-1 swearing that they should package that pre-amp together with the BBE as an ideal setup. That meant that I had to try it.

I grabbed the 422A and off I went. Back in 1993, it wasn’t as if they were in every store and the entire lineup was on tap…but I consider myself happy to have gotten the 422A, with the controls for each channel. It’s a little hard to explain what an aural exciter does in basic terms, except that it makes it all come alive. With just 2 simple knobs per channel, it’s easy to dial things in. Lows become more defined and the highs have more air to them.

At one point, I got my hands on a DigiTech GSP21. It was the Legend or the Pro, whichever one had all the artist presets. Now come on, those had some neat tricks but still sounded digital and a little sterile. I ran it into the BBE and… wow!… it came to life. I’m not kidding when I say that it made a digital signal processor sound like a real amp. It was a very impressive display.

Since then, I’ve set up a duplicate rig for recording on the PC and that one uses a 322 model. It’s even more straightforward… because guitar players need things laid out simple. lol! And as part of the PC recording rig, I went with Cakewalk Sonar X2. Wouldn’t you know that BBE makes a DAW plugin called Sonic Sweet. An excellent example of what the Sonic Sweet plugin can do for your DAW can be found here:

All the BBE products I’ve checked out are really straightforward, easy to use, simple to figure out and yield astonishing results without having to be a rocket scientist. If you have a rack for your preamp and/or effects, this is a no-brainer. And if not, but you still use a DAW for your recording, you can still benefit.

Take a look around the BBE site for the rest of their offerings, which include EQs and preamps and clean boosts and a wide selection of stomp boxes.

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