CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Myrtle Sarrosa

This week’s CosPlay Cutie is top ranked Filipino cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa. Myrtle Sarrosa is not only an award winning cosplayer; she is also a singer, actress and recognized media personality.

In 2012, Sarrosa won the Philippines Big Brother 4 (teen edition).  She then garnered the award for ‘Pop Female Cutie’ as well as the screen award for breakout performance that same year.  She is also pursuing a music career.

Sarrosa released the single ‘Your Name’ (with rapper Young JV) in 2012.  The song reached number one on MYX’s ”Mobile Picks”. The following year, Sarrosa released her self-titled cd ‘Myrtle Sarrosa’ on Star records, with the song ‘Mr. Kupido’ as her lead off single.  She then turned her attention to her media.

After cosplaying for 5 years, from the age of 14, Sarrosa decided it was time to show the world that she was becoming a sexy woman and appeared on the cover of the November FHM (Philippines).

After appearing at the FHM Halloween bash in a Starfire cosplay, Sarrosa wore a black bra and a tiger hoodie for the photo shoot.  Sarrosa showed that she had indeed become a sexy lady.

Sarrosa’s good looks, and desire to show how sexy she has become, are certainly easy on the eyes.  However, it is her detailed cosplays (which she makes on her own) that first drew fan attention and maintain her as a top cosplayer.

You can follow Myrtle Sarrosa on Facebook and her OfficialWebsite. 

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