CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Marie Claude Bourbannis

If you like your cosplay ladies to be sexy and the living embodiment of fantasy come to life, then you will love this week’s feature; Marie Claude Bourbannis. Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Marie Claude Bourbannis began her career as a costume maker and fashion designer before becoming a glamour model and cosplayer. It was her interest in fashion and clothing design that initially led Marie Claude Bourbannis to study fashion design. She then spent several years working in various aspects of the fashion industry.

All of that changed in 2007 when Marie Claude Bourbonnis won a local radio station contest and was featured in their 2008 calendar. Her look and personality quickly made her popular with fans of the station when a station dj added her to the cast of both his live and nightclub shows.

Marie Claude soon began travelling throughout North America, working with various photographers. She secured a modelling job for a major modelling campaign which appeared in a number of men’s magazines.

Despite her success as a model, her first passion remained costumes and clothing, so she decided to try working that into her modelling career. She began by modelling in a costume of Frost from Mortal Combat during a photo-shoot. The overwhelming response amazed her and, in 2010, it gave her the idea of attending a comic con in character. Through her modelling work, Marie Claude Bourbonnis had established ties with a latex company and she choose this material in which to appear as Sue Storm for her first real cosplay.

The response was immediate and inspired her to attend further conventions in character. Now, five years later, Marie Claude Bourbonnis is one of the world’s top cosplayers, attending events throughout the Americas and Europe.

You can follow Marie Claude Bourbonnis through her Facebook and her Official Website.

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