Review: AVEX Stainless Steel Glasses – Form and Style Meet Function

Anyone that knows me well knows I am a beer and wine type of guy. They also know I can be a bit of a clutz. That is why when the people at AVEX Outdoors invited me to review their stainless steel glassware (steelware?) I jumped at the chance.

We will first look at the AVEX Claret wine glass. I sent a picture of the glass to a friend and his first response was “very SciFi.” When I asked you explain he commented the Claret wine glass looked like something he would see on the set of Star Trek. He is correct in that assumption.

The Claret glass is double-walled stainless steel. Its powder coat body gives a steady grip; the double walls eliminate sweating. The combination makes it less likely you will drop the glass. If you do drop the glass, it will only bounce. The look is very futuristic and sharp, incredibly eye pleasing. Being stainless steel the glass has an easy clean up. The stainless steel also stays neutral when it comes to the flavor of your beverage not tainting the taste in any way.

One of the features I like best about this glass is the non-slip rubber pad at the bottom of the glass. For you, folks that enjoy boating this feature will come in handy and make then Claret glass a must have. The 20 oz. brew insulated pint glass has the same non-slip rubber pad and features of the Claret wine glass.

One big difference the 20 oz. brew insulated pint glass has a sealable top. The top not only helps keep your glass of beer colder longer it also keeps the nasties out. Anyone that has ever used a red plastic cup in the outdoors has at one time or another found some unwanted foliage or insect floating in it. The top not only protects your beverage but also has a sliding sip hole like a travel mug. Unlike a travel mug this hole is generous in size and will let you take a healthy swig of beer on a hot summer day.

You do not have to be an outdoors person to enjoy AVEX Outdoor’s phenomenal products. I’m a city boy through and through and I love these products. You will not find me on the hiking path or deep in the woods in a tent. You will find me on my back deck with one of these great glasses in my hand.

You can find out more about the Claret wine glass or the 20 oz. brew insulated pint glass on the AVEX website, Twitter page  or YouTube page.