Review: Otterbox vs. Otterbox vs. Otterbox

Otterbox is on the verge of branding when it comes to mobile device protection. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it is when a brand or product is referred to when talking about the entire category. For example in the 80’s people would use the term Xerox a copy of a document even if the machine being used was a Kodak or other brand of copier.

Otterbox is getting very close to this point when it comes to cellphone cases. Why? Simply stated they are the best protection you can find for your mobile device. So instead of making an a/b comparison of Otterbox and one of their competitors, today we are going to compare Otterbox to Otterbox. We are going to look at three products from Otterbox all designed for the same phone, a Samsung S7 Edge. Keep in mind during the review the attributes of the cases will apply no matter what kind of phone you have.

The first case we are going to look at today the Defender. For some of you, the Defender may be a bit much. This case is built for maximum protection. The phone is nestled in four layers of protection. Designed with a screen cover, foam buffer, inner shell and outer slipcover the Defender is tough. The case also comes with a beefy holster that has a clip on it designed to take almost any punishment.

Here is the thing – for me, I did not find the Defender to be bulky or too big in any way. I have many people in my office that opt for the added protection they get with the Defender.

The Commuter case is designed for a streamlined fit. It has two layers of protection, not as robust as the Defender but still offering more protection than you will find in the budget cases found in mall kiosks. Not only does the Commuter give protection but it does so in a stylish way. Otterbox has an online configurator where site visitors can customize the Commuter to fit their style and swagger.

The third option the Symmetry Series case offers phenomenal protection with one-piece construction. The Symmetry Series case also offers what I feel are some of the funkiest colors and finishes. We reviewed the Symmetry Series case in clear, yes clear. The nice thing about this is it almost looks as if there was no case at all on the Samsung S7 Edge. The chrome finish of the phone pops under the case giving a sharp high-end look. The Symmetry Series case is also “pocket-friendly”, meaning the case is so thin it feels as if there is no case at all when you slide it in your pocket.

All three offerings from Otter Products offer different but impressive levels of protection. There is also many style options to consider. The bottom line is no matter which case you choose; you cannot make a bad choice.

You can find out more about Otter Products on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.