Guitar Gear Review: FretRest Stands Guitar Wall Hangers

Do you need more space? Is your herd of guitars taking up valuable real estate on the floor? Or do you have a curious little one taking an interest in what’s within reach? Maybe you want your “hobby” room to look a little cooler? Whatever your reason, it may be time to go vertical.

Have you checked out any guitar wall hangers? Personally, I think it looks cooler more than anything else. lol! But freeing up floor space is always a valuable commodity as well.

Some people have an argument about how using a regular floor stand can put a strain on the neck joint. Well, I don’t know about all that. I’ve been using regular guitar stands (and still do) for almost 30 years and have never experienced such an issue…granted, treating your instruments properly always helps too. But….if you do have a concern about such an issue, a guitar wall hanger addresses the concern as it take the weight of the guitar at the headstock.

There is a good selection of brands and models to choose from. The design is pretty much the same, with the only real difference being the ones that lock or secure the guitar in place. Maybe that’s handy if you live in an area prone to earthquakes or little ones that aren’t so little any more. The FretRest brand has a little cradle action going on, so I don’t see anything going anywhere.

Otherwise, it’s just 2 screws that go into the wall. Here is my experience: I grabbed some FretRest guitar wall hangers, got some longer screws from Home Depot, used a stud finder, and it was done. The hanger came with some anchors and screws that instruct going up to 10 pounds. I’m one of those guys that likes to get into a project, so I took it a step further, going well into the wall studs. At a 16″ stud center, I had no issue lining up one guitar to a wall stud. It was no time at all before I freed up an entire rack off the floor…which means that there is an entire rack ready for more guitars! lol!

Check them out. They are plenty affordable enough to give one a shot to see if you like it. Five hangers cost me less than a five-space rack and easily looks at least as cool, if not cooler.

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