SanTan Brewing Company Introduces an Exciting New Look

Aiming to establish a consistent brand image across all of its products, SanTan Brewing Company has unveiled an exciting new look. The brewery’s award-winning family of craft beers, sold in Rexam 12 oz. cans, has been united with a cohesive appearance that consumers will recognize.

The new look is already being rolled out for the brewery’s Devil’s Ale, HopShock IPA and Mr. Pineapple cans, with MoonJuice IPA coming soon.

“When I started this company eight years ago, I had limited resources and my main focus was on brewing great craft beer for craft beer lovers,” said founder and brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia, SanTan Brewing Company. “Things took off, and after eight years of rapid growth and expansion, we are the second largest brewery in Arizona. It was time to step back, and refresh our cans to reflect our evolution as a company and establish a brand image that was universally recognizable.”

The original colors and essence of the SanTan brand remain, but the packaging’s art, fonts and graphic style have been elevated to create a more mature and visually appealing vibe that is the perfect complement to its Southwestern style ales.

Claude Marbach, president, Rexam BCNA, commented on SanTan’s rebranding efforts. “The brewery did a great job of creating a visually appealing look that really stands out on our cans,” he said. “We are pleased to continue our strong partnership with SanTan, providing the ideal packaging choice for their unique craft beers as they work to expand their customer base and build their business.”

In addition to its rebranding, the brewery continues to expand distribution recently adding New Mexico. SanTan beers in cans are also available at select retail locations in Arizona, California and Texas.

About SanTan Brewing Company
Open since 2007 under the leadership of founder and brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia, SanTan Brewing Company has established a strong reputation as one of Arizona’s favorite craft breweries. In addition to brewing, SanTan features a friendly neighborhood brewpub in Downtown Chandler, which has quickly become one of the top local food and beer destinations in the Phoenix metro area.

All SanTan Brewing Company craft beers are Southwestern Style Ales. SanTan’s brews are fermented to completion and carbonated higher than traditional American beers for a more effervescent, crisp and refreshing hand crafted beer – perfect for quenching your thirst in the hot Arizona sun and throughout the southwestern region of the US.

In 2009, SanTan Brewing began distributing their Southwestern Style Ales throughout the state of Arizona, operating with a mission to pair craft beer with craft food that would inspire great conversation and good times. 2014 marks the beginning of taking this journey throughout the Southwest and California.

SanTan beers have won numerous national and statewide awards including two medals at the US Open Beer Championship: bronze in 2013 and gold in 2011. SanTan Brewing also took home a silver medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival and won Best Brewery in Arizona, selected by the Phoenix New Times and the Arizona Republic, in 2013 and 2011.

About Rexam
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We have 55 can making plants in more than 20 countries and employ around 8,000 people. In 2014, our sales were in the region of$5.8 billion.

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