Gadget Review: The Qumi Q6 LED Pocket Projector

Advances in technology make our tools and gadgets increasingly smaller and more and more powerful. This is definitely apparent in the world of projectors. Gone are the mammoth bulb driven monsters we would drag across town to meetings. Pocket-sized HD cameras are now the rage. Serial connectors are also a thing of the past. These bulky connectors have been replaced with everything from HDMI to USB making the units smaller, sleeker and more user-friendly.

One of the most compact and powerful projectors in this category is the Qumi pocket projector by Vivitek. The Qumi Q6 is feature rich. Boasting an 800 ANSI Lumens the Qumi Q6 is powerful enough to project in a large room or average sized hall. Add to this Ultra Extended Graphics Array of 1600 x 1200 pixels and it is easy to see this is a powerhouse of a projector.

Connecting to the Qumi Q6 is simple with many options for the user. The EZ Cast software bundled with the projector allows the user to connect wirelessly via tablet, PC or phone with apps for both Android and iOS. Users also have the option to connect via DC-in, Audio-Out, USB-Input, HDMI, and MHL. The Qumi Q6 also has an internal 2.5 gig hard drive. You business users can keep all of your presentations directly on the projector. Internal drivers automatically recognize all of the most commonly used office file formats along with pictures, movies, and video. The built-in speaker also eliminates the need for additional hardware.

The Qumi Q6 comes with quite a bit of box candy. There is a vinyl carrying case big enough for not only the projector but also the included HDIM cable, Android to HDMI cable and iPod Nano-sized remote control. The Android to HDMI was the most fun upon plugging it in the projector instantly recognized the phone. Within seconds, I was on YouTube watching the X-MEN Apocalypse trailer in stunning high definition.

For a tiny projector, the Qumi Q6 throws a huge image. I got a great seven-foot display on my wall while keeping the image a stunning 720p. The Qumi Q6 can go all the way up to a 90 inch projected image. The LED is sharp and clear giving the user roughly 30,000 hours of operation. With normal use, the bulb is going to outlive the technology. We will be on to holograms before you are looking for a replacement LED.

Retailing around $599 makes the Qumi Q6 a smart choice for the gamer, home theater enthusiast or business user. You can find out more about the Qumi Q6 in the Vivitek website, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.