J.J. Abrams Announces New Star Wars / Star Trek Crossover

Star Trek Beyond Executive Producer and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Director J.J. Abrams announced today the next instalment of Star Wars will be a Star Trek crossover. Captain Kirk, Spock and crew will be traveling back in time long ago to a galaxy far, far away. This Star Wars/Star Trek crossover is expected to be the biggest marriage of franchises in the history of film.

Abrams unveiled the merger of the films at a press junket in New York this morning. “This will not be a simple cameo for the crew of the Enterprise,” Abrams told those in attendance. “Kirk and crew will be an integral part of this storyline.” When asked how the two distinct universes would be brought together Abrams gave a small peek at the storyline.

“The Enterprise will be engaged with a Borg cube in battle. The Cube will be pulled into a wormhole during the encounter dragging the Enterprise in behind it. The Enterprise enters the wormhole minutes behind the Borg but emerges 30 years later.  The Enterprise crew then bears witness to the devastation a 30-year alliance between the Borg and the Empire has had on the Republic.”

The major cast members for both franchises are all contracted for the Star Wars/Star Trek crossover. The film will be released as a joint venture between Paramount and Disney with both companies having a hand in the production of the film. This is not the first time Hollywood has done a crossover of this type. Especially in the horror, sci-fi or fantasy genre. Freddy vs. Jason and Aliens vs. Predator are great examples of this gadget that dates back to 1943’s Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man