Warmoth Debuts New Nomad Body Style: All I Have is a Photograph   

Yes, all I have is a photograph of this awesome looking new Warmoth Nomad body and neck. This is not a full blown review. However, this 80’s throwback axe has me really pumped up. What makes this body style look so cool is, it looks like a weapon as much as it looks like a guitar. When you have a Nomad strapped on you look like you are wielding a bad-assed medieval battle axe.

The cool thing about the Nomad is it is thick enough to accommodate any bridge or tremolo system. This includes a standard Floyd Rose. There are also a ton of woods, tops and binding options available for this cooler than cool axe. I am dreaming about it in a mahogany with a flame maple cherry sunburst top. Add a stop tail-piece and a couple of high output humbuckers and I am in business. But, that is just me.

Want a Nomad with three single coils? How about a single humbucker and a Floyd Rose? No matter what your dream is Warmoth can get the guitar in your hands.

The new Nomad neck is just as customizable as the body. The Nomad’s neck is available in 25-1/2” scale, Gibson®-scale Conversion, or Baritone-Scale Conversion. You can also choose your fretboard radius and fret size. If you want to get funkier go ahead and add sharkfin, stars or skulls inlays. This is your Nomad you can take it as far as you would like. The nice thing about the Nomad body and neck is they are priced right.

Prices for the Nomad Body begin at $205.  Nomad Necks begin at $173. Choose from dozens already in stock, or custom order one built to your own specs at

Since 1980, Warmoth has been the standard in American-made bodies and necks for electric guitars and basses. During that time, they have helped countless players customize, personalize, and improve their instruments. They have also helped to pioneer many advancements in guitar technology, including the compound radius fretboard, the conversion neck, and the “drop-top” laminate top. Visit the Warmoth Blog for more great guitar tips like this or visit Warmoth.com to check out the most beautiful instrument bodies and necks known to mankind. You can also connect with Warmoth on LinkedIn, Google+Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook