Review: The Edge of Belgravia Knives Will Change the Way You Think About Chef’s Knives

Ignorance is bliss. I thought a great filet was the pinnacle of steaks until I tried a Kobe cap. I loved the Cape Cod beaches until I dipped my toes in the warm water of the Bahamas. Until recently, I thought I had great kitchen knives until I tried Edge of Belgravia cutting edge knives.

As the Food and Beverage Editor of, I am approached daily to review and endorse a plethora of kitchen devices and gadgets. I pass through these offers in my inbox deleting as I laugh at some of these useless trinkets. Something about the Edge of Belgravia knives made me stop and pay attention.

In retrospect, the look of these knives and styling is what first caught my eye. The Edge of Belgravia knives are sharp looking. The Damascus Chef’s Knife looks more like a surgical tool than a kitchen accessory.  The solid steel design is high-tech and sleek with a comfortable ergonomic handle. I placed the blade on a potato and for the first time in my life, I did not have to place my hand on the back of the blade to force the knife through. With one hand, I felt the knife slide through the potato like it was slicing through the air. The balance and control were amazing allowing me to quickly and safely blaze through my vegetables.

The Damascus Chef’s Knife was equally impressive with cheeses. I was able to slice a variety of hard and soft cheeses in varying thickness. What impressed me most was I could slice off ultrathin sections of hard cheeses without them crumbling on the cutting board.

The Ceramic Onyx Chef’s Knife is just as astounding. The black-on-black styling of this knife for lack of a better word is bad-assed. The Ceramic Onyx Chef’s Knife looks like something a commando should be carrying. I gave the knife its virgin run on a 5 lb pile of sirloin tips. Each cut was clean and precise. The knife allowed me to trim fat with minimal waste leaving beautiful cuts of steak. 

What blew me away most was after a marathon cooking session I had no hand fatigue. I could have gone on cutting and chopping for hours.  I thought I had decent chefs knives until I tried Edge of Belgravia.

Like the manufacturer claims, Edge of Belgravia knives are sure to spark creativity in the kitchen for every at-home chef! Available in a ceramic collection (in bold Onyx or edgy Lime), second to diamonds in hardness so they go years without the need to sharpen, and a Damascus Steel collection, comprised of 67 layers of steel for optimal precision and sharpness. MSRP $55-$110.